10 jobs in Accounting and Finance open now

In 2020, CaribbeanJobs.com received 1.9 Million applications. Accountancy/Finance roles were the third most popular. 

In challenging economic times, the Accounts/Finance Department will often receive a lot of attention. 

The company needs to know exactly how well it is performing and if it has the resources to execute its various initiatives that can allow it to thrive or simply survive. 

People seeking jobs in these departments will often need the right blend of academic qualifications, practical experience as well as knowledge of specific software that the position may require.  

Being great with numbers is obviously important, but be sure to analyse the job requirements that concern soft skills, too. 

Here are 10 jobs open now in that sector: 

 AS Bryden & Sons (Trinidad) & Bryden pi – Stock Checker – Warehouse Operations 

Memory Bank Computers – Accounts Analyst – Credit and AR 

Memory Bank Computers – Accounts Analyst 

MAI Caribbean – Accounting Assistant  

Guardian Group – Accountant

JMMB Trinidad and Tobago – Branch Ambassador 

Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) – Financial Analyst  

UNICOMER (Trinidad) – Audit Senior 

Digicel – Pricing Analyst 

Mario’s Pizzeria – Inventory Clerk 

CaribbeanJobs.com Tips: Be as thorough as the best accountants and ensure that you follow all ten of these important “Dos” when applying.

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