Management accountants versus money laundering

Governments around the world are tightening anti-money laundering regulations and increasing noncompliance penalties. Management accountants are at the frontlines of money laundering risk. In this FM podcast episode, Matthew Russell, a London-based financial crime partner at PwC, discusses how finance professionals can address the changing anti-money laundering landscape and how they can use what they learn in the process to their strategic business advantage.

Russell is a featured speaker at ENGAGE EUROPE 2021 on Wednesday, 19 May at 1pm–2.15pm GMT +1. You can find more information here.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How the global anti-money laundering regulatory and enforcement landscape is changing.
  • What management accountants need to know about the future of anti-money laundering and how to best prepare for it.
  • Why every management accountant, no matter the size, sector, or geography of their business, needs to be concerned about money laundering.
  • What makes an effective anti-money laundering programme.
  • How effective anti-money laundering controls can mean good business.

Play the episode below:

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