Missouri ag groups concerned over failure by lawmakers to extend key tax credits

“We are disappointed that the Legislature failed to extend the expiring MASBDA tax credit programs. Simply put, these credits work. Programs like the Meat Processing Facility Investment Tax Credit help small business grow, bring investment to our rural communities, and, in this specific case, help consumers have more local food choices. We are working with the Legislature to prioritize reauthorization of these important programs,” Hawkins said.

The failure to extend the tax breaks has sparked another call for a special session of the Legislature this summer.

Though lawmakers had four months to approve legislation earlier this year, members of the House and Senate have made at least five different requests to Gov. Mike Parson to schedule a return to the Capitol to take up various pieces of unfinished business.

The latest comes from Bernskoetter and Rep. Don Rone, R-Portageville, who say the tax credits are important for the agriculture community.

“These programs have brought $247 million in direct and indirect benefits to Missouri since 2000,” Rone said in a letter to Parson Wednesday.

“We’d like to get the ag stuff done,” Bernskoetter said.

Hoskins, whose amendment would have created a new rural development tax credit, disagreed with Bernskoetter on the legislative wrangling that left the legislation unfinished. He had attached the measure to another bill, but that was blocked from passage in the closing days of the session. The House and Senate were unable to find a compromise before time ran out, he said.

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