Lil Pump Denies Rumors of Owing IRS $90K in Back Taxes

Lil Pump was reportedly hit with a tax lien in April over failure to pay nearly $90,000 worth of back taxes.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, the IRS is going after the 20-year-old rapper over an unpaid 2019 tax bill, which claims he owes the government $89,378.68. The IRS has placed a lien on Pump’s $5 million mansion in Miami, and if the money is not paid up, his assets and property are at risk of being seized.

Over the weekend, Pump took to Instagram to deny the reports. 

“Listen, do not believe the internet,” Pump said in a video. “That shit is all cap bruh! $90,000? That’s on my wrist right now. Another 90, that’s on my neck. Don’t play with my body.”

Pump scoffed at his rumored tax problems while flaunting his diamond chains, claiming they cost him more than the alleged bill. 

“Don’t play with my body,” he added. “Look, I have made over 15 million dollars, you know what the tax bill on 15 million dollars is? Bit*h, $90k ain’t sh*t to me. Stop playing with my bod.” 

The lien arrives just a month after security footage captured four people breaking into Pump’s luxury vehicles. Cops say the vandals smashed the left rear panel of his Range Rover as well as the back windshield of his Rolls-Royce Cullinan. After swiping a $600 cosmetic nail kit, the suspects fled the scene. All four are still at large.

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