Delhi Police exercised great restraint while tackling R-Day violence: Outgoing


New Delhi, June 30

Delhi Police Commissioner S N Shrivastava, who retired on Wednesday, said the force displayed great restrain while handling the Republic Day violence in the national capital in which many policemen were injured.

The farewell ceremonial parade in the honour of Shrivastava was held on Wednesday morning at New Police Lines, Kingsway Camp here.

Interacting with reporters, Shrivastava said, “The farmers are also ours. Since the beginning, we told the police personnel that we need to show and handle the situation with restrain. The personnel were being provoked and they even had to jump from 15-feet height at the Red Fort. They suffered injuries, but did not abandon the path of restrain.”

On January 28, Shrivastava had also written an open letter to the personnel, appreciating the way they handled the violence during the tractor parade on Republic Day, but asked them to remain alert for more challenging days ahead.

In the letter, he said the police had an option of using force but the personnel showed restraint and presence of mind and successfully dealt with the situation.

Nearly 400 policemen were injured during the tractor parade of the farmers who have been protesting against three central farm laws at Delhi’s borders since November 2020.

He became the Commissioner soon after the city faced riots. After taking the charge, Shrivastava had said his priority was to restore peace and ensure communal harmony in the national capital.

The riots in northeastern parts of Delhi claimed 53 lives and left over 400 people injured. The force also lost one of its own men – Head Constable Ratan Lal (42), after he sustained an injury during stone pelting at Gokalpuri.

Asked about his journey as the commissioner, he said, “It was a pleasant journey and there were blessings of God as whatever steps we took, we got suitable results. We had challenges, but after taking everyone together, we got success at everywhere.” He also said the police force had a different challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic and its personnel went beyond the call of duty to help the people.

“Those police personnel, who were working on our instruction, were also needed to be taken care of. On one hand, we were taking care of Delhi and filled the void, helped in delivering oxygen, food and medicines, but on the other it was also very important to take care of the personnel,” Shrivastava said.

Asked about the challenges faced by police due to the emergence of social media and FIR filed against Twitter, Shrivastava said, “Nowadays, the conversation on social media is increasing. As the use of social media is increasing, there would also be some mistakes on it and the police will need to register cases. The presence of Delhi Police has also increased on social media.”

The Delhi Police registered an FIR against Twitter for allegedly allowing access to child pornography on the microblogging platform following a complaint by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR).

Shrivastava on Tuesday presented 133 officers of the force with the Police Commissioner’s Commendation Disc awards in a ceremony at the new police headquarters on Jai Singh Road here.

The Police Commissioner’s Commendation Disc (gold, silver and bronze) awards are on the lines of the Central Armed Police Forces to boost up the morale of the personnel. These awards are presented to those police personnel who have excelled in their work, the officials had said.

Earlier, Shrivastava had told PTI that to improve its investigating ability, cybercrime experts were being hired and they would be working with the police force.

Economic offences are also increasing and forensic accounting experts are also being hired to enhance its investigation capabilities, the commissioner had said. PTI

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