MA legislature pass $48.1B state budget without raising taxes

BOSTON (WWLP) – A new state budget has been approved on Beacon Hill, more than nine days after the fiscal year started.

The Massachusetts legislature has officially passed a new budget without raising taxes because our revenue projections were higher than expected. Going into the budget season there was a lot of concern around the state of our finances, but lucky for lawmakers the state took in more tax revenue than expected, taking spending cuts and tax increases off the table.

“Given what people have dealt with in terms of this global pandemic it was not the time to try and in the form of new or additional taxes reach into people’s pockets, people are hurting,” Rep. Joseph Wagner of Chicopee told 22News.

Members of the western Massachusetts delegation say their communities will see a boost in local funding. The major increases will be given to schools, libraries, and community centers.

The budget is now headed to the governor for final approval. He can veto certain items and send it back to the legislature but lawmakers say they expect to see the spending plan pass within the next few weeks.

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